Polo Neck Gray Pocket Shoulder Striped T-Shirt (464516)

Price : 58€

Model Size: Length 1.82, Body 94-78-99, Size 48/M


Discover the most natural T-Shirt, which is an indispensable part of daily life, with White by Nature! Enjoy the freedom without sacrificing your comfort. You can combine your White by Nature T-Shirt with any style of shorts, joggers or trousers.


All clothes in our online store are made of carefully selected 100% natural fibres. It is environmentally friendly, does not contain synthetic dyes and harmful chemicals.


White by Nature collections are meticulously designed and produced locally. You can get support from our WhatsApp line for flying dresses, bright shirts, anti-allergic cotton T-Shirts, stylish skirts and many more models. Products are sent to all of Turkey with free shipping service. 


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