Women's Kimono Models
Kimono, the traditional clothing of Japanese culture, has become one of the iconic clothes with its casual design and belt detail. Women's kimono models, which come with contemporary designs and fabrics, are used for many purposes, from beach to home wear, especially in the summer months. Summer women's kimono combined with muslin, cotton, terry, modal or viscose style fabrics look good on all body types. If you are looking for a women's kimono to achieve lightness and elegance throughout the summer, you can start exploring different models that reflect the naturalness and style of White by Nature.

Contemporary and Stylish Women's Kimono Models
Blended with patterns and fabrics specific to Japan's traditional culture, kimono is redesigned with comfort-oriented luxury textiles in today's fashion. Women's kimono, made of naturally breathable fabrics such as cotton, modal, towel and muslin, looks extremely elegant with the simple lines of white color. Summer women's white kimono models also consist of embroidery, tassels, embroidery and knitting details to suit contemporary tastes. Both short and long kimonos are often preferred in beach wear.

The cotton white kimono stands out with crochet and broderie details that suit the bohemian and sophisticated atmosphere of the beach. Romantic broderie neckline details also provide the basis for perfect combinations for a nice brunch or afternoon party on the beach. The kimono also has belt fastening support so it is suitable for many body types. Since models without belts are generally designed in a casual and comfortable cut, they can look stylish and cool in all conditions.

What are the uses of kimonos?
You can discover more about the suitability of women's kimono models, which you often encounter in the fashion world, in different areas of use before including them in your style. One of the biggest advantages of kimonos is that they are versatile enough to suit any style. Although it has recently become prominent especially in beach wear, you can benefit from the versatility of kimonos both at home and in daily style. If you want to use kimonos in your beach style, you can start by giving a chance to light-woven models that can be easily worn over bikinis and swimsuits.
When combined with the right pieces, kimono can be used as a nice addition to your daily style, from jeans to blouses. When a light wind blows on the beach in summer evenings, you can choose kimono models with your dresses for extra protection. In addition to all these, you can give kimonos decorated with bohemian details a chance to achieve style and comfort in one piece while sipping your morning coffee in the garden of your summer house or by the pool.

How to Wash Kimono Models?
When considering purchasing a new kimono, you may have hesitations about how these products should be washed. Especially white kimono models are among the pieces that need to be approached with sensitivity and care in terms of washing and care instructions. Otherwise, deformations may occur in the form and color of the product in a short time. However, it is not correct to say that there is a single and absolute care instruction for every women's kimono model. The fabric, embroidery and style of kimono models also mean that washing instructions are different.

When purchasing a kimono, you must first check the special care instruction label to ensure proper care. You can wash products made of natural fibers, such as a women's white cotton kimono, on a low temperature and gentle cycle. It is important to avoid putting your kimono in the dryer as this can damage the fibers in the material and deform its shape. Before adding a new kimono to your cart, you can visit the product page to get more information about the care instructions. 
You can explore the White by Nature women's collection for kimono models and much more clothing products that best suit your style and soul.

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