The lining forms the inner layer of the main fabric material used in daily clothes, bags, shoes or accessories such as hats and makes the fabric material more durable. Linings made of soft materials also help the body breathe and keep cool. Summer women's lining is a thin-structured underwear product that can be used easily in the summer months. Summer women's lining models are produced in long or short lengths. In addition, summer women's linings add a quality look to dresses and accessories. Cotton white women's lining is used with white color dresses or light toned clothes. Linings made of 100% cotton do not irritate the skin thanks to their softness. It is very practical to use. You can easily complete your combination with the linings you purchase to go with your clothes. Additionally, thanks to linings, you can prevent the clothes from showing the inside. In addition, white cotton women's linings have higher moisture retention properties than polyester linings.

How to Care for Summer Women's White Lining?
Women's white cotton lining, which attracts attention with its soft structure, requires special care because it has a delicate fabric structure. Liners whose maintenance and cleaning conditions are met before and after use have a longer lifespan. In addition, since the summer white women's lining has a thin fabric structure, a delicate cycle washing program should be preferred during the washing phase. The fabric quality and structure of lining products washed at low temperatures and low speeds can be preserved. Things to do for cleaning and maintenance of cotton women's linings are listed as follows:

• Summer white women's lining can be washed in the washing machine together with white clothes. Thus, primer color change can be prevented.
• Lining products with a light and delicate fabric structure should be cleaned in washing machines at 30°C and in short washing programs.
• The flexible structure of the fabric is preserved in cotton women's linings that will be washed in the washing machine.
• Women's lining types are easy to iron thanks to their cotton fabric structure. Additionally, the iron steam setting should be used at a sensitive speed.
• Using laundry bleach containing chemicals to clean summer women's lining causes the cotton fibers of the lining fabric to deteriorate.

What are the Benefits of Using Cotton Women's Lining?
Cotton women's lining types attract attention with their slippery structure. Linings with a slippery structure prevent outerwear products from coming into contact with the skin. Thus, skin irritation can be prevented. In addition, since the linings are made of cotton, they are light in weight. The light and thin structure of summer linings makes it easier to use the product for daily use or special occasions. White cotton women's linings, which you can choose for daily combinations or with special clothes, are produced from 100% natural cotton fibers. Thus, linings with cotton fiber structure allow the skin to breathe and refresh. The summer cotton lining product does not contain any chemicals. It is produced using completely natural materials. In addition, the tight texture of the lining fabric allows you to wear your thin and loose clothes easily. You can use summer white women's linings, which are sold separately from women's dress products, with many of your outfits. The use of lining highlights the quality of your dress. Additionally, the use of summer lining prevents stains caused by sweating from reaching the dress. Thus, the dresses can be used for longer periods of time. During hot months, the summer white women's lining traps the moisture in the body inside. Thus, it helps the body stay cool. Summer linings used between the skin surface and outer clothing prevent the dress from sticking to the body. In addition, summer linings with cotton fibers make you feel better thanks to their air permeability.

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